New CEO joins KnowledgeOne team

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As the new CEO of KnowledgeOne, Robert Beauchemin brings extensive experience in developing and successfully completing multi-million dollar e-learning and simulation-based training projects for higher learning institutions and industries worldwide. [More]

Pourquoi mes étudiants ne participent-ils pas au forum de discussion?

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Essayer d’engager les étudiants dans votre cours en ligne peut s’avérer parfois difficile, avec des problèmes venant de la façon dont le cours est conçu jusqu’à la façon que vous connectez avec eux chaque jour. Les forums de discussion, bien qu’ils puissent représenter un défi, offrent une bonne opportunité d’élargir l’espace d’apprentissage au-delà des heures de cours traditionnelles. [More]

Les temps forts de la conférence Learning Solutions 2014 (partie 1)

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Le 18 mars dernier, je quittais Montréal et une température très négative pour le climat plus enviable d’Orlando. Je n’étais pas la seule car près de 1500 participants avaient fait comme moi Beaucoup d’américains et de canadiens de tous les états mais aussi pas mal de gens du Royaume-Uni. Certains étaient déjà là depuis le lundi, pour une série d’ateliers de formation. C’était ma première grande conférence, et voici ce que j’en retiens. [More]

Infographic: Why aren’t your students participating on the Discussion Board?

Trying to engage students in your online courses can be a hassle sometimes, with problems arising from the way the course is designed and up to the way you connect with them on a daily basis. Discussion boards, however challenging they might be, offer a good opportunity to extend the learning space beyond the general class contact hours. [More]

Comment inverser un cours

L’industrie de l’apprentissage en ligne a évolué de façon signifiante au cours des dernières années. Propulsée par les avancements technologiques, elle a changé la façon dont nous percevons l’éducation en générale. L’investissement des étudiants et les résultats d’apprentissage sont devenus les intérêts clés dans tous les types d’apprentissage en ligne. [More]

How to flip a classroom

The online learning industry has grown significantly over the past few years. Fueled by the technology advancements, it has changed the way we perceive education in general. Student engagement and learning outcomes have become key points of interest in all types of online learning. The digital era has brought many tools that now allow for a more collaborative kind of classroom. A good example of this is the increasingly popular tendency to “flip a classroom”. [More]

Maximizing the shelf-life of your e-learning products

With the emergence of new technologies and devices coming on the market on a regular basis, a major challenge for e-learning professionals is to keep content (graphics, audios, interactive content and videos) up-to- date so that it makes use of the newest features and allows the product to be competitive on the market. Consumers are increasingly demanding in terms of their expectations for content delivery, speed, quality and above all, they expect their e-learning courses to be fully functional with whichever platform or device that they are using. [More]

The Impact of Learning Analytics on eLearning Design

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As eLearning professionals, we are constantly scouting for new tools and technologies that will help shape our next project. The landscape is constantly evolving and one must be able to adapt to it in order to remain competitive. However, in looking ahead to new challenges we oftentimes overlook the vast amount of data that has been collected from previous projects that, if interpreted properly, can have a significant impact on future eLearning designs. [More]

New award for one of KnowledgeOne’s designed courses

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International E-Learning Association Award

We are thrilled to announce that one of our courses designed for Concordia University, and offered through the eConcordia portal has been awarded by The International E-Learning Association (IELA) as one of the best international e-learning products. After winning last year the prestigious award, with the SOCI298e – Sociology of Business course, this year, ANTH202 – Introduction to culture was runner up in the Academic Division of the 2013 IELA Awards. [More]

Record fall enrolments at eConcordia

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Concordia University students have opted to enroll in online courses in record-breaking numbers once again this fall semester. There were a total of 12,702 enrolments from the 49 course sections offered from September-December 2013. This represents a new high for online enrolment in courses at Concordia University during a fall session. >This growth reflects an increasing demand for flexible and accessible options to education, allowing students to complete their studies at their own pace from anywhere in the world. Many of the students enrolled in these online courses have written or will be writing their final exams outside of Canada. [More]